Flamenco Cave - The Cave of Light

Cueva de la Luz is a cave at the edge of the village of Monachil, in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Granada, which Carmen converted into a flamenco dance studio in 2006. As in many parts of Granada, such as Guadix and Sacromonte, the original inhabitants of Monachil dug caves into the soft rock of the mountainside, many of which are still lived in. Cool in summer and warm in winter, these caves are simple but comfortable dwellings.

Traditionally the homes of the poor, and in particular the gypsies, it was in places such as these where flamenco began. Students from all over the world often remark on how the unique atmosphere of the cave allows them quickly to enter the spirit of flamenco in a way they never could before. The cave is dug into the side of a gully just above the village and is accessed by means of a rough stone stairway. There are two rooms, decorated in the traditional style. The “tablao” – the wooden dance floor – is in the large first room of the cave.

There is space for up to ten people to dance comfortably and Carmen restricts the size of workshops to ensure an intimate and personal atmosphere and style of instruction. When you are in need of rest, you can retire to the smaller room at the side and find inspiration in the extensive library of books and videos on flamenco and Andalusia. She called the cave Cueva de la Luz (Cave of Light) because the orientation and spaciousness of the rooms make it much lighter than caves tend to be, and because I hope that the activities we do here will bring light into peoples lives. If you want to know more about caves in Granada, visit www.sacromontegranada.com